The Sustento Institute is an independent policy development organisation based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Its purpose is to develop policy solutions that will lead to a more sustainable society.

There are many policy challenges facing us in an age of increasing complexity and rapid technological change. As the global ecosystem starts to feel the footprint of 7 billion plus people, these challenges may well require some unconventional approaches.

Sustento is an open source policy institute based on whole systems thinking. It is loosely organised and dependent on contributions from the Sustento network as well as posting and hosting relevant research from other organisations and individuals.

Can we make things work better?

Is nutrition linked to crime? Is food production linked to cheap oil? Is crime linked to climate change? Is poverty linked to the banking system? Far too often policymakers are faced with providing solutions to specific problems without being able to look outside the local system. The sheer complexity of human interaction with its ecosystem makes the outcome of considered policy proposals often look poorly thought out.

We hope to encourage and build an open conversation around such issues as we continue to question what type of world we want to create and live within.

As a virtual organisation it welcomes interest from all corners of the world. If you want to publish your research or would like to explore the possibility of undertaking research yourself within this framework then please get in touch. We also provide strategy and policy consultancy services.