Steve Keen: Public Talk in Christchurch

Steve Keen is in New Zealand to present a range of seminars in Auckland and Wellington. He is also coming down to Christchurch to give a public talk. Details are below. It should be an interesting event.


Public Talk in Christchurch on September 8th at the University of Canterbury 

Economist Steve Keen in New Zealand 6-10 Sept 2012
Author of best-selling book Debunking Economics, Steve Keen is Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Western Sydney. He is a speaker of international renown and a voice of reason in confusing financial times. He was recently interviewed by Kim Hill on Radio NZ National and he’s crossing the ditch in September to talk to New Zealanders about the economy.
Professor Keen will present an evening public lecture in Christchurch:

Saturday 8th September at 5pm – C1 Lecture Theatre, University of Canterbury, Arts Rd, Ilam
Professor Keen will provide an overview of conventional economic theory, briefly cover its short-comings in dealing with the current financial situation, and outline his analysis as described in his book Debunking Economics. He will bring his discussion of the global economy right up to the present, and take a look at issues in New Zealand, including the housing market, debt levels and asset ownership, that affect our nation’s economic well-being.
Q: Who will benefit from attending the Steve Keen public talk? 
A: Everyone who wants to understand the economy.
(Economists, analysts, policy-makers, academics, politicians, public servants, teachers, students, investors, home-owners, renters, business owners, commentators, monetary reformers, financial advisers …)
See for further details on his Auckland and Wellington seminars.